The Scissor Man

Of all the things at, I think the hand made scissors create the most excitement.  I did not know this before, but stitchers are crazy for scissors !

M. Jean- Marie Roulot makes very special scissors. In fact, until someone proves me wrong, I think he is the finest scissor maker in the world.

He was born in 1936 close to the little town of Nogent, or as it has been called, Nogent- les-ciseaux...(Nogent is the premiere village of France in all things cutlery in the 18th and 19th centuries. There are actually 3 Nogents in France, this one is in the Champagne Ardennes region).

The day he finished school he came home and announced to his mother that he was "on vacation". At eight o'clock the following morning he was at the scissor factory where he spent three years as an apprentice undergoing the rigorous process of becoming an accredited "cisalier". He does confess to be fascinated by scissors all his life.

He worked until 1996 at a factory in Nogent. Beginning in 1988 he also worked to establsh the Musee de la Coutellerie, which is an absolute gem if you ever make it to Nogent.

In work for the museum, M.Roulot was given access to the studios of the Anciens Artisanats du Bassin and he retrieved many old unfinished pairs of scissors which he himself has completed.  In addition to that, he makes reproduction  scissors and experiments with his own original designs.

He lives with his lovely wife, Mireille, and a menagerie of animals. He works every day he can in his little workshop out back of his house. A lifetime of artisanship is felt everytime you pick up on of these pairs of scissors.  Bravo, Jean-Marie, thank you for all your wonderful work!


handmade scissors at the


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  • Dawn carr

    Jun 30, 2019

    Dawn carr

    I am interested in purchasing a pair of Monsier Roulot’s scissors

  • Carol Haynes

    Jan 06, 2019

    Carol Haynes

    Monsieur Roulot’s workmanship is so incredible! Lucky is the lady who gets to own a pair of his scissors! I would so love to own a pair myself! I would treasure them all my life should I be so fortunate to own a pair.

  •  Bonnie Berg

    Nov 04, 2018

    Bonnie Berg

    How I would love to meet Monsieur Roulot and his lovely wife Mirelle. I would really like to watch his hands while making such beautiful scissors in his workshop behind his home. I enjoy stitching on 40 count silk gauze and you need a pair of scissors that will make a clean close cut. How wonderful that he knew at such an early age that he wanted to be a cisaler. They are all beyond beautiful! Sincerely, Bonnie Berg – of the same vintage, I was born in 1937.

  • Catherine Laurent

    Nov 04, 2018

    Catherine Laurent

    Positively beautiful, they are a thing of beauty.

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