the cumbrian way

Just back from a lovely ten days in the UK, lots of which was hiking on (and off) the Cumbria Way in the Lake District of northern England. Really sublime landscapes, flora and fauna (moss!!!) and the all-important tea and scones. 

We chose the "self guided" tour which proved to be a bit much...from a navigational point..."through the field, past the tarn, around the cairn"... and off the path we went. But over five days we picked up some of the key words and mostly learned to follow "real hikers". We felt quite accomplished at the end, know the bus routes fairly well and would certainly go back in a heartbeat!


lichen on headstone

window box, london


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  • Marta Brysha

    Sep 11, 2012

    Marta Brysha

    Did you go into that coffee shop? The shop front is absolutely perfect and inviting. Please tell me that the coffee and cakes were amazing!

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