Duvellroy Fans

Founded in Paris in 1827 by Jean-Pierre DUVELLEROY, 

the House of DUVELLEROY was born out of a man’s ultimate dream: to bring fans back into women’s hands.

During the XIXth century, DUVELLEROY opened a boutique in Paris at the prestigious address of 15, rue de la Paix as well as an affiliate in London on Bond Street. 

Official supplier to the Queens, starting with Queen Victoria, DUVELLEROY created the fans given to the Spouses of Statesmen for their official visits in France, for example the Empress of Austria, the Queen of Sweden, the Queen of Denmark and the Queen of Bulgaria.

If the House of DUVELLEROY survived After War although the habit of wearing fans declined in the West, it is thanks to the passion of its heir, who conserved pleating moulds, vintage fans, sketches for sticks, guards and leafs with the conviction to “make something out of it one day”.

When Eloïse and Raphaëlle met, together they forged a dream : to resuscitate couture fans, by redeveloping one of the most important Parisian fan house. They became partners with the inheritor of the DUVELLEROY house, to give a second life to the brand by launching contemporary creations.

In parallel with its collections, DUVELLEROY has perpetuated the tradition of collaborating with some famous couture houses. "The bride's fan" on the opposite photo was produced for GUERLAIN as a tribute to that worn by Empress Eugénie more than 150 years ago.

Atelier Cologne Fan

The new name of Parisian fragrances, Atelier Cologne, collaborated with Duvelleroy to create a fan with a golden Art Deco print and a tinted wood frame. Don't hesitate perfuming your fan for... Learn More


Aigrette Rouge Fan

As a reference to the feathers used for the couture fan, this hand-fan is a red fire in your hand.  This hand-fan comes with a black pouch marked in gold. 9... Learn More


Little Cabari Fan - blue

Little Cabari created poetic and colorful prints for children. For Duvelleroy, Alice and Camille have imagined a fan inspired by these fanciful designs. This fan comes with a black pouch... Learn More


Monkey Fan

Monkey Fan

Jungle is on your fans with our new collection! The monkeys of the leaf will cheer up your summer and the blue painted wood will fit perfectly you swimsuit on the beach. 9 inches... Learn More



Brai Celadon

Part of a collection by Estelle Renard, this Brai celadon has a lovely geometric pattern. This hand-fan comes with a black pouch marked in gold. 9 inches long, 16 inches across when... Learn More


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