Tonkin embroidery thread has been produced for a long time by Ets. Toulemonde, but it was mainly sold to industrials and had not been named. One day I saw this thread when I visited their works and was convinced that it would be perfect for embroidery. A few weeks later, this was done but we had to find a name, which is never easy. After much thought, I found it amusing to give a nod to the Fil Au Chinois brand and find a name reflecting the Orientalism that was popular in days gone by. Tonkin is the name of an ex French protectorate which was part of French Indochina in 1884.
Tonkin Floss
Tonkin Floss
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Tonkin Floss

Fabric & Fibers - Laine St. Pierre

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Length on each card: 10 metres in four strands. Size of card: 7cm x 9cm. Work with full strand. This Tonkin embroidery floss is MADE IN FRANCE.

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