Sewing Kits

Sajou Black Box Small Sewing Set

This elegant black sewing set contains : a pair of Nogent scissors, a nickel-plated brass thimble, a black Sajou tape measure with a ring on each end, a small, red... Learn More


French Provinces Small Sewing Set

This classic sewing set is called French Provinces as the label depicts traditional regional French costumes. Please note that the colour of certain contents may change depending on our stock,... Learn More


Girl and Cat Small Sewing Set

Girl and Cat Small Sewing Set

This sewing set in pink and pastel tones was conceived specially with little girls in mind. The label represents a young girl with a cat having fun with balls of... Learn More
$70.00 Sold Out

Cat and Dog Small Sewing Set

This is a slightly more technical version of our classic sewing set. There is less thread, but it includes a reel of tacking thread and a dressmaker’s chalk. Contents: A... Learn More


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