zen stitching...

I am not a particularly talented needlewoman... I knit and crochet in rectangles  or squares only. Most of my blankets end up with the "Comfort for Critters"  charity which gives blankets to displaced dogs and cats. I'm thinking my handiwork will keep them warm, especially the cashmere and alpaca ones. And the dogs don't judge.

When my husband asks for a button to be re-attached and I give him an indignant deer-in-the-headlights look, he actually should be grateful I won't do it, it would be a hot mess.

My embroidery skills are only maginally better. I do not cross stitch large geometric patterns because there is virtually no chance they will come out even.  I do smaller things and I do love traditional printed embroidery, but I  rely heavily on a good press at the end to make the whole thing look ok.

But who needs quality when there is QUANTITY ? I love doing all these things, just keeping my hands busy while I am on the phone or listening to uncounted hours of audible books.  It is just what I do to stay "zen."

Witness my latest project, table runners, photos below. I bought a cotton fabric with an even pattern so I could bag any measuring or marking (no surprises there). Then I took a handful of Sashiko thread and started stitching lines. And lines and lines. Traditional Japanese Sashiko patterns and the wonderful Indian Kantha designs were my inspiration.

So, I am happy as a clam, no matter how elementary it is.  I still get to use lovely materials and colors and there is little chance I will mess up.

Tell me what you think, do you ever make yourself just "busy" projects?



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