Simple things for simple people


My current Favorite Thing in Embroidery is something that I did not invent and I don't think has a name. But it sure is fun. Most importantly it involves lots of colors and supplies.

Find yourself a printed piece of fabric. I think two tone is best, and I really like the weight of a cotton linen blend. But as with all great crafts, there are really no rules.

Now, the fun part. Embellish that bugger within an inch of its life.

I use as many colors as possible for maximum effect (maximum gaudiness some might say). Floss, perle cotton,sashiko thread,silk chenille, ribbon , beads sequins, whatever. As I said, simple things....


embroidered linen cotton fabric

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  • santy

    Jul 21, 2013

    wowwwww nice
  • Ilil Arbel

    Jun 07, 2013

    Ilil Arbel

    Yes, I agree, it’s a wonderful technique. From my experience, it is best as an art piece, framed under glass, but also as a handbag. I LOVE your page!

  • Jennifer Cooney

    May 30, 2013

    Jennifer Cooney

    Love this!

  • Mary Kay Huster

    Mar 29, 2013

    Mary Kay Huster

    Great idea!!!! I have just the fabric to do it with too!!!!!!!

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