NOTE: Originally posted in 2011

I wish I could say this is a recent project, but in fact I have been working on this since the summer of 2009…

Linen Embroidered Tablecloth Kit

I am thinking that posting it might make me accountable enough to pick up the pace…as the Queen of Starting New Projects, something this large is a major commitment and I get distracted…but I will finish it. Maybe getting sidelined is part and parcel of owning a needlework business…

Embroidered Tablecloth - Lily of the Valley Detail

This linen tablecloth is from Bonheur des Dames, Paris. The design is stamped on the fabric and is fairly straightforward. There are clover, roses, cowslips, around 50 or so flowers. It does need to be hemmed but that way it can be sized a bit.

Linen Tablecloth - Morning Glory Detail

The only stitches used are: long and short, stem, satin, chain stitches and some french knots. The kit includes the DMC floss and is well laid out. Totally doable. Remind me to show you my WIP Mill Wheel quilt from the early 90′s.  But let me finish this first.