Girl Time

Not that I don’t like traveling with my boys, but three days this week alone with my 15 year old daughter in Savannah, Georgia  were pure heaven.

Savannah - Spanish Moss

The goals of our trip were more Scones and Pralines than Great Generals of the Confederacy.  But we were meticulous in our research. I am quite sure we did not miss any needlework boutique, vintage jewelry shop or tea room within Savannah city limits.

We walked and walked the beautiful town and its checkerboard of shaded squares and elegant houses…we peeked in at gated gardens and marveled at the jasmine hedges…strange that no other cities that I know of have this incredibly logical and ingenious layout.

I particularly suggest you duck in The French Knot on Whitaker Street.  Audrey, a recent graduate of the omnipresent Savannah School of Art and Design has got the pulse on the future of needlework shops. Stop by and tell her “hey” from me!

Savannah - Fountain

Architectural detail, Savannah


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