French Squirrels

Sajou needlework box kits – great for gifts

Sajou box

The French  must have all been squirrels in their past lives. They love packing things, putting little things into other little things, arranging things and generally squirreling their possessions.

And like everything else, they like to do so stylishly. Forget designer handbags; the french have specific pouches, pockets or cases intended for everything imaginable.  They even have special envelopes for their cloth napkins ( also a way to avoid washing them but that is for another post.)

Sajou needlework boxes are great for storing treasures.

Featured below are some little boxes made for socking away more little objects: pins, buttons, clips, you name it.

These come as kits, from Maison Sajou, and include the little box and fabric and pattern. The floss is not included, but the amount needed is quite small. Best of all, they are very quick to stitch and then just glue and snap together. So fun to have pretty ways to squirrel!

Sajou box kit


Sajou boxes

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