Sophie Digard – new accessories at the French Needle

Detail of soleil rose sophie digard scarf

No matter how many times I receive orders from Sophie Digard, when a new one arrives my heart beats faster.

Although I know Sophie designs flawless collections, many of the items I have ordered I have not actually seen made up before.

Sophie Digard accessories are custom made.

We choose design and color palettes and then they are crocheted on a custom order basis. There are so many many colors and designs that the selection is quite overwhelming.

And then they arrive… they are so beautiful that tears come to my eyes.  I remind myself : they are not all for me…but then I  have fun photographing them and  now and again adding to my little personal collection!

Anyway, some new ones came today and I hope you have as much fun admiring them as I do!


Sophie Digard geranium purse

Macaron necklace

Pastille minus pop detail

Gotham linen scarf

See the rest of the Sophie Digard items at the French Needle.


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