Something Royal

Surfing around the net these days I have discovered my newest and perhaps lamest obsession so far: Crowns and Tiaras…. I really do not care much about the British Royal family but find myself oddly obsessing  over which tiara is on whose head and for what occasion… Some of the papers report that the crowns are “loaned” and others say “given”…I do hope  at least the Royals are straight on it.

And the crowns  have names. The Halo Tiara, The Meander Tiara, The Russian Fringe Tiara…they are mostly very, very, lovely but for the odd, overdone colored stone one …not that I have anything against rubies or emeralds.  I just imagine wandering into the vault to choose the perfect one for the evening’s festivities…or perhaps to “loan” to the DIL..

Not  a chance in a million I will be near any diamond crown in the near future…. I think the closest I will get is something of my own devices… which brings us to the latest chart from Rouge du Rhin: Fiche Royal. Imagine my delight when the designer sent me a copy of this new chart filled with dozens of crowns, and fleur de lys… maybe there is a crown, or two, in my future…

Rouge du rhin Fiche royal chart and trousseau kitchen towel

 Above is a “trousseau” kitchen towel stitched designs from the Rouge du Rhin Royal Chart.


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