The Story of The French Needle

The story of The French Needle began many years ago with a trip to an American needlework shop with my French sister-in-law Élisabeth. She wanted to find a project in embroidery or cross stitch and left the shop empty-handed. She lamented (as the French do) that the type of piece she was looking for was simply not in the American shops.

This piqued my curiosity. I had always loved the American kits, but I really had not seen many French designs. Fortunately I travel to France frequently and soon started discovering the French needlework treasures.

Each trip I found more and more beautiful kits, patterns, fabrics and accessories. The products have a true heirloom quality which, for me, justifies the hours spent on stitching.

In 2002 I finally decided to start a business with something I have been doing for years: bringing back the most elegant needlework supplies from France.

The French Needle is above all a service business. I take care of customs, currency and language differences plus I ship by first class mail to you from within the United States. You always have someone you can talk to in English if a problem arises.

The French Needle is now the importer of many of the finest French Needlework companies. I have scoured the country for wonderful projects as well as phenomenal hand crafted items; I truly hope you will be as enchanted as I am with these products à la française.