Origami Paper Covered Easter Eggs

While today’s post has nothing to do with my first love, French needlework, it does discuss one of my favorite spring tasks. 

Easter eggs covered in origami paper… I don’t remember where I first saw this idea, but it handily  fulfills my Two Cardinal  Rules of Crafting:

1. A monkey can do it.

2. Supplies, in this case origami paper, need to be amassed in every color under the sun.

(For some reason buying an insane number of colors of something is integral to my idea of crafting. )

How to Create Origami Paper Covered Easter Eggs

To make these  decorative eggs, first blow out raw eggs. This is not as daunting as it sounds.  As the holes are to be papered over, you can make them as big as you want.   Mine are the size of peas.  Eggs can be brown or white.

Second, glue small strips of the origami paper all over the egg with Modgepodge (a decoupage glue). Then add several more coats of Modgepodge to build up a lacquered looking coat. You can use a brush for the glue, but I use my fingers, because then you can peel the glue off which is also fun.   That’s it!

Every year I add to my little collection and the image of those bright little eggs in a jar or bowl just makes me smile. I would love to hear about your prettiest and easiest Easter Egg projects…

Easter Eggs with Origami Paper





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