It takes a village…

NOTE: Originally posted in 2011

Stamp Quilt Detail

I was so excited to get my “new” quilt in the mail today. This one has been eighty years in the making.

My mom grew up in a small village on the western slopes of Colorado. Her neighbor made this “stamp” quilt top for my grandmother when the neighbor was 91 (born circa 1860?!). I am not sure why it was never quilted.

My mom gave it to me recently and I sent it off to Mary, an amazing Amish lady, who has been finishing quilts for me for many years. (some things are better left  to the pros.)

The design, colors and workmanship of the quilt are fresh as I imagine they were in the 1930′s.

Stamp quilt from 1930's

I wonder what  an archeological dig into my stash will uncover eighty years down the road…now that’s a scary prospect.

Interloper at quilt photo shoot

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