Pink and red

NOTE: Originally posted in 2011

I remember it like it was yesterday…we were on our way to visit some friends and I dressed myself in a glorious ensemble and completed the look with a snappy white wicker purse shaped like a turkey.

As I strutted  my four year old self to the door, I was met with blank stares from my mom and my Nana. It was  then suggested that I rethink some part of my outfit because Pink and Red do Not Go Together. And worst of all,  I was apparently  the last and only person  not to know this.

I was stunned, embarrassed, flummoxed…not only was it the prettiest color combination ever, but what were these elusive Color Rules no one had clued me in on?

Just last year, and mostly for convenience sake, I deemed that Navy and Black  together are downright chic. Can we all agree to abandon these silly rules which are keeping us from our authentic  color selves? All but the one about planting red and yellow tulips together, now that really is a crime.


pink and red roses

pink and red stitchery items

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  • Jo Tucker

    Jun 30, 2019

    Jo Tucker

    Pink & Red !! The first time I remember truly truly falling in love!! I was 11 years old visiting a drugstore at a corner busstop in Washington DC.
    Allll the colors of lipstick were amazing, each one adding magic for the other. I’ll take a pink one…no, wait…a red one…no, wait!! I bought 2 lipsticks, one in red, the other in pink. Then made my way to a stool at the counter for a cherry coke!!

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