Too Much Stuff

About three years into my marriage my husband confessed he married me mostly because I was such a light packer…and I am just fine with that.

Anyway, I am a great packer. After so many long hauls I have honed my  minimalist packing skills to the Nth degree.

I can live three days off the contents of a small purse.  And even though I do usually check a bag ( I can’t stand to carry stuff),  everything will be worn. Twice. Whether it goes together. Or not.

I actually like it when the suitcase is lost as long as it is delivered within a few days to my door.

Lots of thought goes into the tiny soap, mini hostess gifts and pajamas which can double as outerwear. In fact, I pack so well that  when traveling with girlfriends I usually end up carrying half their stuff, which at some point will be a reason for me to change friends…

The one and only time I regretted my minimalist strategy was on an all night flight where I had not counted on Baby being tummy sick. She blew through her allotted diaper ration before the first drinks were served… Not good.

But now the kids are big, I am traveling alone to Paris and my main worry is that I NOT take anything I don’t need. I am off to three back to back trade shows looking for French Needle treasures….I am sure I will find many, but thank goodness for FedEx…..

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