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Figurines kits by Helene Le Berre for the French Needle

I have wanted to work up my own kits for a while. It is a bit difficult to find small hand embroidery kits in my experience.

Of course, I grossly underestimated the amount of work and detail involved in such an endeavor.

It was fun, though. First I found a young graphic artist in France named Helene Le Berre. She has done several books I love…her work is fresh and retro-chic.

Helene drew a whole set of what she calls “figurines” ….a pastry chef, a teacher,a ballerina, about a dozen in all little figures.

I took over from that point and worked on the stitching and colors, presentation and printing of the fabric. I ended up in France for that as I could not find anyone in the U.S. and know they still do it in France.

My kits include printed fabric, needle, instructions and floss. I have used the most basic of stitches and I consider these little kits totally suitable for beginners.


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