pin cushion poetry

I met Deborah Heartwick at a Sully Plantation Quilt Show many years ago. We were actually booth neighbors. At that time it was news to me that one could make a career in pin cushions, but in fact, that is exactly what the talented Deb has done.

She originally learned sewing, tailoring and upholstery from a Japanese mentor after earning a design degree in college. Simultaneously she developed an interest in antiques, particularly vintage sewing items.

After many years collecting she has become an authority in this field. As well as having a formidable stash herself, she sells antique items and crafts exquisite pin cushions and emeries. Many of these items are inspired from vintage pieces she owns.

Her items are sold at juried craft shows, museums and a few boutiques.

She is a wealth of information and gives presentations on vintage notions.

I thought you would like a peek into her studio, photos below. Of course, her items are available at the French Needle:

Just goes to show that when you do something very, very, well people will notice !




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