New kits from French General

New kits from French General


A month or two ago Kaari from California based French General sent me her new embroidery kit and floss. I was thrilled as I think it's something my customers will love. Simple, printed embroidery kits are extremely hard to find and transferring designs to fabric can sometimes be an ordeal. I posted them on the site last week, and have had questions from a lot of you about how to do the kits.

There are five or so designs in this series. You can use your own threads or select a palette from the French General flosses. Their palettes are all coordinated so there are no wrong choices.

Then, just have at it. There are a few stitches explained but no "this stitch here" kind of instructions. Stitch whatever stitch wherever you feel like it. You can get many different effects as I attempt to show with the two featured photos of the same floss and the same palette.

So, everyone ends up with their own unique piece. Sweet.

Share your final designs with us, would love to see other interpretations of the kits! Bonne chance!




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