Color Drunk

Color Drunk

I get many questions from customers about the kind of needlework I do myself. Most of the things on the site, I have done... or at least aspire to do... someday. I love it all! 

Over the past months though, I have found myself drawn to... okay, let's just say it, mindless stitching. I did a punch needle pillow with a gazillion colors.The frenetic punchy motion and a really scary ball of fibers felt like a big lot of crazy for a while, but I love the result.

I then moved on to ridiculously small silk gauze. I seem to be fixated on the idea of stuffing as many colors into one square inch as possible in a repetitive and simple (minded) way. It is almost as if I turn my mind off, at least the left side,and just let the colors work it out on the gauze. Soooo relaxing.

This method of stitching also gives way to my biggest obsession in crafts: I need every color of whatever I am using. It started when I got my first box of 16 crayons as a four year old and found that my neighbor Becky had 64 colors in her box. I didn't sleep for weeks.

Of course, now I sleep easy with my 9 drawer chest filled with silks, DMC, Danish, Merdici and every fiber ever stuffing the drawers. For the gauze projects I used the House of Embroidery silks almost exclusively. Needless to say their overdyes rock my world.

I look at the items on my site and see how my obsession plays out... can you say: Sophie Digard? 😉

- Lisa








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