Color challenged...

Color challenged...

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but my family has purchased a house in Burgundy. It is a in a small town on the Loire River and we got it for a song. It does need a ton of is about 900 years old !

Although it has been several decades since my husband and I purchased our first home, it has me in full nesting mode. Let me repeat, FULL NESTING MODE.

So while my husband frets about the trivialities of heating, plumbing and walls, I am focused on the all important paint colors and tiles. Not to mention sofa pillows.

I might be wrong, but it seems the direction these days is neutrals. Beiges, greys, creams. I personally love a swedish palette of soft seaside colors. Neutrals it would be!

Excited to make something for the new home ( which will hopefully be ready in my lifetime), I set forth on a needlepunch pillow of my own design. When I say "design" I mean dots.

Weavers' cloth in a neutral ecru color, check. Wool fibers (naturally muted), check. I tore through my stash and chose lots of neutrals, mostly Laine St. Pierre.  The St. Pierre can be mixed as it is four strands. Great, nuances of neutral.

But something happened along the way. I ended up  with a quite colorful pillow, despite my best efforts for a neutral palette.  When I made a grey dot the mauve screamed to be its neighbor. Wow, not enough color discipline to make it through one pillow. 

I am attaching photos. Tell me what you think. I think my chances for a neutral colored home are pretty hopeless.  But I tried, I really did. 

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  • sandra mcguire

    May 08, 2020

    sandra mcguire

    Every neutral setting needs a splash or two of color. Otherwise you will be bored to death, and always wonder ‘what is wrong with this picture’?
    I am so envious!

  • Toni Roan

    May 08, 2020

    Toni Roan

    I love it, especially in a neutral room, it adds joy and happiness.

  • Jo Tucker

    Jun 30, 2019

    Jo Tucker

    Sooooo……why is it considered “decorating” when using neutrals? How does one ‘decorate’ with only one dimension. Or play off one neutral color for another neutral…and come out with a COLOR scheme? I must be missing something very important here! HELP!
    P.S. Ohhhh how I luvvvv my sweet little Monet parasol…

  • Carla

    Mar 20, 2019


    Hello: what threads did you use?

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