Paint & Decoupage

Paint & Decoupage

I could bring Martha Stewart to her knees with my crafting. But probably not in a good way.

Case in point: my weekend bookcase project of paint and decoupage. I took my mother in law’s old little brown bookcase and with the help of my son, painted and decoupaged it to within an inch of its life. Fresh, check. Colorful check. A bit slapdash, well check on that one too.

What could have been done better? Certainly a more meticulous job of painting and developing a patina would have been nice. I purposely chose two colors fairly close in tone in order not get bogged down on the paint.

And then I added the paper with the Modge Podge . I could have spent a week carefully measuring, cutting and laying the paper in a Martha Stewartish way. But heck, would I have ever finished the thing? Doubtful. Would it have been fun? Certainly not.

So here’s the final result. I will be thrilled to fill it and will really make an effort to wait until the paint dries to do so. When I walk past it filled with books will I say to myself, “Pity, anything job worth doing is worth doing well?” Hell no. I will be saying, “ Fine job, what’s next?”.

It’s exactly what I tell my tennis partners on the court. Let’s not take this too seriously, none of us are going on the pro circuit anytime soon.

So Wabi Sabi forever, my friends, and happy Wabi Sabi to you!





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