Zoom in on Hélène Le Berre

Zoom in on Hélène Le Berre

Many of you are probably already familiar with Hélène Le Berre’s work. She designs for Marie Claire Idées and other publications as well as hosting popular workshops in France.

Something is just so delicious in Hélène’s style ... It is ethereal, gentle, subtle and fresh, and she is very much a master of texture. Hélène is capturing the heart of the next generation of needleworkers and putting her unique signature on the rich tradition of French embroidery.

We’ve teamed up with trusted embroiderer Dima (who we met on one of our first needlework tours, back when we were free to travel…!)  Dima's approach to needlecraft is somewhat more rigorous than mine, she's much more meticulous with her process and it yields great results. We asked her to pick out a couple of her favorite kits, and to document her progress.

You can browse our full collection of Hélène Le Berre kits and books here.

Kalinka Kit

Have you ever heard of the Kalinka song? It’s a beautiful Russian song, and just like it’s namesake, this project was fast-paced and a delight to make. Before I knew it, I was already done!

The kit comes with wool and metallic threads to stitch a colorful bouquet of flowers using Crewel techniques. Personally, I struggle to stitch with the standard wool used in Crewel embroidery, which is why it was great to finally stitch a piece that didn’t irritate my hands.

In terms of techniques, I found it to be an ideal design for a beginner. At the same time, it has enough variety to interest the more advanced stitcher.

The bright colors of this piece made it a joy to stitch (hard to resist!). Overall, the project is truly a sight to behold with the threads selected, the added texture of the wool and the delicate feel of the metallic thread. It is definitely one you will want to make into something for everyday use like a pillow or a tote bag.


Kit available here

Hairstreak Kit

Delicate, elegant, french… that is how I describe Hairstreak. 

The kit comes beautifully packaged with everything needed to stitch a lovely array of butterflies, including a hoop for stitching and finishing. The butterflies are stitched using a variety of different types of threads that were very interesting to stitch with, like ribbons, wooly and sparkly threads. I especially liked the wooly thread as it gave the wings such a nice padded look. The pattern includes instructions for the stitches used. All the butterflies are stitched the same way, the threads and colors are what will ultimately hold your attention, as they were so perfectly selected. There is a harmony to the butterflies that make it a feast to the eyes. 

With regards to the hoop, I found that I really enjoyed using it for stitching, as it is very good quality. Personally, I recommend you use it for embroidery and then purchasing another hoop from a craft store if you want to finish it in a hoop. This way you can keep the hoop for future stitching. 

When looking at this project, I realized that just embroidering it would not be enough, I really wanted to challenge myself a bit more, and this is why I ended up finishing mine into a roll. Whether it ends up being used for embroidery tools or makeup brushes, I feel like I’ll be able to take the dainty flowy butterflies wherever I go and I love that.



Kit available here.

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